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Our First Year Cat Keepsake Book

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A Memory Keeper for Your New Cat

Written by Amelia Riedler

Illustrated by Jessica Phoenix

This memory book is your place to capture all the adorable, unrepeatable moments from the first year with your new cat—a place to record first days, first kisses, and first moments of learning about and loving each other. Add photos and fill in the pages with memories from each month of your first year together. Its keepsake quality creates a beautiful place to celebrate your cat’s unique personality and all the furry affection they have brought into your life.

Like a traditional baby book, the sweet prompts invite pet parents to capture everything from milestones to emotions to personality traits:

Our first car ride together was…

You react to new people and experiences by…

You have your own way of grooming. It’s particularly delightful the way you…

Special Features

  • A heartwarming place to record special moments and memories
  • Fill-in-the-blanks are appropriate for kittens and older cat adoptions alike
  • Offers plenty of places to add photos throughout
  • A thoughtful “Gotcha Day” gift book to celebrate a new pet
  • Features a foil-stamped hardcover
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  • complimentary personalization

  • giftcards available